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Have you been searching for the safest possible stamps adder? Maybe you want to add to your stamp book collection? Or perhaps you’re looking for a stamps adder that actually works. Well look no further because our application is the real deal! Our Game Stamps Adder is a downloadable app that can be run almost anytime you want.1 It is capable of providing you with a select number of currently available non-member and/or member stamps (depending on your membership status) from the “Games” category.

As a testament to how safe this application is, we have not received reports of a ban resulting from this application in all its history. However, although this application is coded to be as safe as possible, please be aware that by using it you will still be breaking Club Penguin’s rules (since the use of a third party application is not allowed), and therefore, you still run the risk of receiving a ban. TCPC and the authors/contributors of this application are not responsible for any ban that may occur. By using this application, you agree to both the warning statements and the Readme found within the application.



To report a problem or make a suggestion, you may leave a comment or tweet to @SnowfireCP/@OfficialTCPC.

If you were banned by using this app, please notify us immediately so that we can disable it in order to prevent further bans.


Change log for Version 2.0

  • Redesigned BG
  • Redesigned icon
  • Added Menu bar
  • Added Menu items
  • Added Portuguese language support
  • File size decreased
  • Improved overall efficiency




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Windows only. Mac versions will never be available.



Portuguese Translations – MhX

Coding and Graphics – Snowfire

Core Coding – MhX



A TCPC account will be required to download this application.


1. This application requires an occasional connection to our site. In the event of a rare circumstance, the application may become inaccessible.

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