Email Service Restored

TCPC can finally receive emails again. You can now direct all your comments, suggestions, concerns, and complaints to [email protected] as necessary.

Game Stamps Adder – Version 2.1.2

This should be the last update I release for the Game Stamps Adder for a while. This new version improves the accuracy of the “Abort” button. Also, I discovered the adder would run through a stamps category twice when the user added stamps manually and then used the “Add All” feature. This inaccuracy has also been corrected. Lastly, I disabled the “Top Most” feature of the status form (now it won’t annoyingly stay on top of your other applications).

Elite Money Force – Version 2.1 Release

The next money maker (Elite Money Force) will be released within the hour. This upcoming release will conclude our efforts to rewrite all of our apps in C#. This new money maker will feature the ability to calculate the time required to get the coins you enter (before logging in). It will also verify that you want to continue adding coins if you have all the stamps for Catching Waves (because if you have all the stamps, the amount you earn is doubled).


I am currently working on our new app. It is still in the early development stages, and I am even still debating whether or not I intend to release it. More details to follow in the coming months.

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