Forums Update

EDIT: The forums will be disabled when I get further to completing the new version of our apps.

The forums will be getting a reboot upon the release of our new apps. The styling will be the same, but all forums, topics, private messages, and users will be gone. The new forums will be much more simplified, and a category will be dedicated to Accounts.

Updates & Version 2.1

Here are a few updates:

  • Just a reminder, we are still unable to receive emails. To contact us, please send us a tweet or leave a comment on the “About” page.
  • I revised the text on the “About” page. After who knows how many years, I have finally fixed the grammar 😛
  • Reiterating what was on the login page and is now on the “Accounts” blog page, “some accounts were lost in a recent database import. If you registered between 2015-10-24 and 2015-11-4, it is likely your account was lost, and you will have to create another. I apologize for the inconvenience.”

Since I have gotten sidetracked with the server migration hassle, I will go ahead and tell you all some of my upcoming plans.
I am planning to convert all of our apps to C#. The apps will be powered by MhX’s C# PCL, rather than his dPCL (Delphi PCL). This new version will be much more reliable, stable, and a convenience for me in particular as it will make programming somewhat easier. I am also currently experimenting with a new feature for the Game Stamps Adder that will help make your TCPC Account more useful. I’d like to develop something similar to it for all of our apps, but right now, I’m really only working on porting the rest of GSA over, which is about 65%-70% done. Once I finish it, the other apps will fall into place, and I will get back to working on this special feature. I’m sure TCPC Accounts are burdensome, but it’s necessary to help fight people re-uploading and direct linking our apps.

Speaking of TCPC Accounts, if you haven’t noticed, it looks slightly different when you login. I was planning to release a whole new design at the same time as our new apps, but I accidentally uploaded a very incomplete version when we migrated. Not wanting to dig up and verify everything was still in order with the old, I just left the somewhat new one in place seeing as it was a much needed improvement. I still plan to expand on this further later on (I will actually have to if my idea for GSA’s new feature works) to create a better experience.

Thanks for reading, and I will keep you guys posted on how things are progressing.

Domain and Something new

I have just renewed the domain. TCPC is good for another year and hopefully many more to come. I am currently working on something potentially big, development wise. I hope to see and have results to share with you all within the next few weeks or possibly even days. Stay tuned.

State of things…

Hello everyone. You may or may not have noticed that I’ve been unusually quiet for the past several weeks. I’m not gonna lie, I’ve slacked off a lot on almost anything related to Club Penguin cheating, as well as many other stuff I do in my spare time. I’ve occasionally checked in on the CuP forums to read the posts, and also corrected a few minor errors on TCPC (namely the duplicate posts that keep appearing), but that’s pretty much all I’ve done. If I’ve let anyone down, then I apologize, but my real-life priorities simply must come first. I have not had the time to keep up with managing this site or accomplishing the goals that I’ve set for some of our apps. I’ve honestly been stressed out a lot with my studies and have just recently felt like I’ve caught up, at least for now. I’m trying to the best of my ability to handle everything, but if it comes to choosing, there is no question, it will be my real-life priorities. This has been the case for the past several weeks/months. This is not to say, however, that I’ve lost complete interest in continuing my side projects, such as TCPC. This site has been through a lot and gone through a lot of changes over the years, so it will take a lot more to end it. The domain is set to expire on the 17th, however, I will renew it again before that happens. Again, I am sorry for not being as active I should be, but rest assured, I am still here and not going anywhere.

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