Game Stamps Adder – Version 2.1 Release Date

The new Game Stamps Adder will be released July 6th. Downloads for the current version (2.0) will be disabled until the next version is released.

To recap some of the updates:

  • Recoded in C#
  • Language splash screen
  • New background along (w/ form size reduction)
  • Abort button
  • TCPC Authentication
  • Add All feature





With this new release, all of our apps will now be requiring TCPC authentication (an account with our site). This authentication process is already being used in Elite Money Force, the Furniture Adder, and the Item Obtainer. The Game Stamps Adder previously did not require TCPC authentication, but that was only because I hadn’t released any new version between then and now. As stated way back when, no major new features are included in this version; however, probably the most noticeable thing about this upcoming version is the smaller form size. The old one was rather big in my opinion. Like before, this version will also support our Portuguese users. A big thanks to MhX for the new translations and C# PCL.

Thank you for your continued support.

Games Stamps Adder – Version 2.1 Status Update

After running into some inexplicable errors way back when, I took a rather long break to get other things done. Just recently I’ve started back working on the stamps adder, and I’ve already solved two major problems I was stuck on. With that said, there’s nothing much left to be done with the app at this point; I just need to verify a couple of security features are still working correctly and code in an abort button for when adding stamps. After that, and getting some new translations, I should be ready to release it. I expect to be done with the app by the end of July at the latest.

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