Game Stamps Adder

This Game Stamps Adder is a downloadable app that can be run anytime you want. It is capable of providing you with the currently available non-member and/or member stamps. While it is coded to be as safe as possible, please be aware that you are still breaking Club Penguin’s rules by using this app and, therefore, risk a possible 72 hour ban. TCPC and the authors of this app are not responsible for any ban that may occur as a result of using this app. By using this app, you agree to both the warning statements and the Readme found in the app.



To report a problem, you may leave a comment, email us at, or tweet to @SnowfireCP/@OfficialTCPC.

If you were banned by using this app, please notify us immediately so that we can disable it in order to prevent further bans.

To make a suggestion, you may use one of the above communication methods.


Change log for Version 2.0

  • Redesigned BG
  • Redesigned icon
  • Added Menu bar
  • Added Menu items
  • Added Portuguese language support
  • File size decreased
  • Improved overall efficiency




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Windows only. Mac versions will never be available.



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